Slowly, but surely

When i have a debate with someone about gay rights, one of the main points I use is that in this day and age support for gay rights is becoming more mainstream. This weekend I had an eye opening moment where I realized the tides are turning, but not as much as I thought. I found my way to Topix, a website with polls covering a vast amount of issues. I found the one for gay marriage opinions across the county. People who made their way to the website simply clicked if they were in favor or against the right for gays to marry and Topix keeps track by state and city. At the time that I post this 100,466 Americans supported gay marriage, while 91, 409 oppose it. Yes support does overwhelmingly beat the opposition but the fact the 91,000 Americans see something wrong with it scares me. There are still so many minds who do not see this as a civil rights issue for anyone in the LGBT communities. Maybe one day there will fewer than a thousand who oppose it, but today there is still a large majority of Americans who need to see the injustice being done. I thought with the new generation fixing to take over the government reigns, the opinion will swing wider in the direction for equal rights. Will see what turns out.

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