Final thoughts about this semester

I started this blog because of a class, but I can say I come out of it educated, aware, and ready to learn more. Picking the subject of Equal rights for those in the LGBT community had a special place in my heart. It had directly affected my family and I know that I wanted to do my part to try to spread the message of equality. I may have started knowing little on the subject, but through my post I have seen the problems in America, but I know there is a brighter future. I believe my generation will the ones who get the job done, and I believe that I will see equality for all in my life time. There will be great hurdles coming in the distance, but I know I will do my part to help America get around them. Because of this blog I know I will continue to research and stay up to date with current events, because knowledge is power, and it’s power that can change the world.

I hope some time in the futre I will come back to this blog and be able to see the changes made since 2012. I see the pattern of change starting, and I know the LGBT community and myself will always Fight For Equal Rights!


Controversial Dan Savage sends message to high school students

Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better organization, spoke to a group of High School Journalism students about his stance of discrimination against the LGBT community and goes on a rant stating as many hypocrisies in the Bible as he can. Many students were offended and left in the middle of his address, but Savage continued to spread his message and put those who say that being gay is wrong because it’s in the bible, in their place. I agree with every word Savage said and everything he stands for, but I do not agree with the way he did it. As i watched the students in the video walk out many looked under 16 and didn’t fully understand what was happening. They were laughing and smiling and some just looked like they were following the crowd. A group of high school students wasn’t exactly the appropriate audience for the harsh message, but Savage has never been one to apologize and he made his point and is now being talked about across the country. I support Dan Savage and I share his message with you.

Colorado passes Civil Union Act

With a vote of 23-12, Colorado Senate passes their Civil Union Act, that would make civil unions legal in their state. It may not be complete marriage equality, but that’s a big step in the state. Like many states that pass some kind of equality act, it now has to go through the Republican controlled House where it will be hard to get through. The most interesting fact about this, is that three Republicans voted in favor of the Act to pass. It seems like a pattern lately on my blog, but there is just more and more things that are happening that show positive signs of change in people’s opinion on marriage equality.

I think a civil rights issue, as marriage equality, seems to be should not be party politics. It has nothing to do with the competition between the two favored parties; These are families lives that are getting pushed around to prove a point. To me government has too much party in it, and it needs to get back to their roots, the people.

Either way, Congrats Colorado and I hope it makes it past the house.

Full story here.

Support for equality up since 2004

Coming off of the newest research showing the millenia generation gaining support for marriage equality, a new survey from Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, shows over a span of 8 years support for equality has increased. This month it was reported 47% of Americans now support marriage equality compared to 43% who oppose it. Change is coming in the coming years, and a big part of that is which party will control the government with the 2012 election. No, Obama hasn’t come right out and said that all Democrats should support marriage equality, but he’s the best option right now. He is making great strides in securing a future that includes equality, and if this survey is any indication the next four years could signify a huge milestone.

It’s interesting to think where will be in another 8 years, and if will be looking back at all scandal and bigotry surrounding marriage equality and see it as a low point in American history. The best is yet to come.

Check out the complete findings from the survey here.

Moving “It Gets Better” video of Mormon Parents

Recently with Mitt Romney becoming the front runner of the GOP, the Mormon faith has come under fire as being an intolerant religion teaching hate and judgment. I will be the first to admit I know nothing of the religion besides the grossly wrong stereotypes. My opinion on the religion as a whole changed a little bit after I watched this video. Though I think, like any religion, some of their teachings are still wrong, it allowed me to put some faces to the group and see that they are not all the same. In this video is a group of friends and family of LGBT members of the Mormon faith. Putting religion aside, this sends the correct message: no matter the sexuality they are human beings, siblings, cousins, sons, daughters, and friends. We all need support, no one needs to be put down for any reason, especially their sexuality.

GLBT awareness group spreads message through campus

With today marking the day of silence when young people silently protest the mistreatment and stigmatization of LGBT youth in schools across the country, Texas A&M GLBT awarness group put their message in action with an event yesterday that began to bring awareness to the cause.

On the group’s Facebook event page, they shared this messgage: “This year Texas A&M University has been ranked as the least-GLBT friendly public university in the United States by the Princeton Review; many offices, departments, organizations and individuals have diligently worked to change this reality.”

They teamed up with the “Gay? Fine by me.” organization and passed out free shirts around campus to spread awarness and to wear the shirts in unity today in silence. I knew this would be a perfect event to cover in the blog and I am anxious to share my findings.

Yes we were ranked as the least friendly LGBT campus in the nation, but a lot of support turned out. In a matter of hours the group ran out of shirts and drew a big crowd. Of course you have those who oppose the cause that want to be the loudest about their opinion, but beside a few pesky people I was very proud of our student body.

I managed to stop a view students on their way out and give their overall experience seeing an LGBT event happening on campus,

“A&M isn’t known for gay support, I was surprised to see it but happy to be apart of it. We need more things like this.”

“Honestly, I moved over to the tent when I saw they were giving away free shirts, but when I got up there and heard about the day of silence, I really wanted to be apart of it. If it werent for this I would of had no idea what the Day of Silence is. I’ll be wearing my shirt tomorrow.”


As a student I will say that the LGBT awareness group put together a successful event, I hope that the turnout and support will encourage others to put more events together on campus to support the LGBT community. Good job A&M, I’m proud of you.


Millenials bring change in accepting same-sex marriage

A new survey done by Public Religion Research showed that on average college age kids accept the premise of same-sex marriages. I don’t think it’s a new finding, being around kids this age my entire day I can see the change sweeping over them. It’s not quite done yet, but soon we will all graduate, find jobs, and others will take over the jobs of the bureaucrats in the capital and put their views into actions. Every generation is known for certain historical happenings. Ours won’t be known for woman suffrage, the civil rights movement, or the end of communism; Ours will be marriage equality! I’m certain to see things change in the coming years, and I’m proud to be apart of the generation of change.

5 ways inequality hurts straight couples

Some against gay marriage believe that allowing gays to marry could hurt their relationships in some way. Besides being absolutly wrong, Think Progress recently found 5 ways it could help opponents during tax seasons. It’s an interesting post that everyone should see. The next time someone says it hurts traditional marriages in any way, should definitely be informed about this.

Check out Think Progress blog post here

Tea Party discriminates in Boston Protest

The overbearing Tea Party made an appearance this earlier this week at an anti-gay protest in Boston. It started as a peaceful protest with the speaker uttering his hatred filled speech and listing his ridiculous reasons against marriage equality. Shortly after the protest started, opponents of the Tea Party including Occupy Boston Queer and Trans Direct Action Working Group began chanting and waving their signs to distract from the hatred being presented to the crowd. It turned ugly when the Tea Party speakered uttered some hateful remarks at the protesters and the cops were called. Most of the action was caught on video and posted to YouTube. America is unique with it’s freedom to free speech, but loses footing having citizens that can be out right deplorable to another group of citizens. 

Find the humor in hard situations

The argument of marriage equality seems ridiculous to all in the LGBT community and to myself. This is a natural right, that should not be controlled by the government. It has been a struggle for years now, but the LGBT community does not let it get them down. Many protesters use their humor to prove a point, and their signs reflect that. Here is a slideshow of some of the funniest protest signs I’ve seen. Enjoy.